The group’s debut single performs exceptionally well on the U.S. music charts as its members look collectively towards the future.

We’ve been following seven-member Johnny & Associates boy band Travis Japan for a while now, especially since its members made the decision to relocate and train in the U.S. in March of this year. The group’s infectious energy, unbridled joy, and quality dancing skills have netted plenty of fans at high-profile events such as the World of Dance Championships, America’s Got Talent, and Anime Expo 2022 in Los Angeles, where we even caught up with them for an interview back in July.

While Travis Japan previously conducted activities as a Johnnys’ Junior [trainees] group, all of that hard work paid off in September when the group announced that it had signed a deal with Capitol Records for its worldwide major debut. Travis Japan’s first commercial single “Just Dance!” was then released on global streaming platforms on October 28.

▼ Travis Japan at the group’s major debut announcement

Travis Japan now has its own dedicated YouTube channel which houses the music video for “Just Dance!” among dance practice videos and individual member spotlights. In just one week after the video’s release, it had garnered more than 10.27 million views (11.07 million as of this writing).

▼ “Just Dance!” music video

The momentum doesn’t stop there, either, since the November 12 edition of the Billboard Global Excluding the United States chart revealed that “Just Dance!” had landed in the fifth spot. This marks the first time that a Japanese artist has placed in the top ten on that chart for a debut song.

In celebration of Travis Japan’s successful debut, the Capitol Records Building in Los Angeles has also been displaying an image of the single’s cover on a nearby billboard since late last month. With a flurry of global events for the group to attend these days, including a performance at YouTube FanFest 2022 this past weekend in Singapore, we wish Travis Japan the best as the members continue worldwide promotions as a fully debuted group. Hopefully they’ll also remember to stop home in Japan sometimes and make partnerships with other dance-loving individuals.

Source: Nikkan Sports
Images: Johnny & Associates 
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