Our reporter’s tastebuds get taunted when he underestimates the true power of the Demon King.

Our Japanese-language reporter P.K. Sanjun is a big lover of noodles of all shapes, sizes, and flavors. In particular, he never passes up a chance to try new offerings by Peyoung, the classic brand of instant yakisoba noodles also known for its, ahem, unusual concoctions, such as apple pie or gold dust-flavored yakisoba. Therefore, when a new variety descended upon Family Mart stores on November 14, followed by a general release one week later, he couldn’t pass up the chance to try it, especially as it was called Super Large Mustard Mayonnaise Black Pepper Yakisoba: “Demon King” flavor.

▼ The pack’s suggested retail price is 300 yen [US$2.17]), but you can get it cheaper at some stores.

P.K.’s first reaction when he spotted the package was something along the lines of “Sure, Peyoung. Is that really the best you can do?” This was largely due to P.K. thinking that mustard mayo and black pepper aren’t particularly unusual seasonings for yakisoba on their own. Also, what the heck was up with that “Demon King” imagery? That naming had to be a bit of an exaggeration.

At first glance, the prepared noodles looked like any typical Peyoung yakisoba product. The main difference was the large portion of mustard mayo and black pepper sauce to drizzle over everything.

Despite the package holding essentially a double portion of noodles, P.K. also thought that the size wasn’t impossibly overwhelming. It would be fine to share with someone else, but it was also still manageable on his own. Even after adding the toppings, it just looked like a larger-than-usual take on yakisoba. He almost wanted to scoff, “Demon King, where are you hiding?”

Well, it was now or never. P.K. reached to grab a clump of noodles with his chopsticks.

He lifted them high for a big bite while musing, “Is this where you are, Demon King?”

Here goes nothing.



He then sputtered out, “URFGH???!!!” (writer’s note: that’s the closest approximation to the actual sound that we could muster.)

Yes, folks, P.K. was frozen in place. But what was this expression on his face…?

“Demon King…I was in the wrong to ever doubt you.”

The noodles turned out to be an instant kill with the biggest surprise being the black pepper. The moment it entered his mouth, the spice packed a much greater punch than you might expect from little dark specks. In fact, he couldn’t imagine how anyone could eat this without momentarily choking on the pepper. That must be the power of the Demon King surfacing!

He proceeded to go about his second bite with more caution. Even though his mouth had now gotten used to the black pepper, this time it was the mustard mayo that went off like a bomb. Underneath it all was still the usual delicious Peyoung-base yakisoba sauce.

All in all, if you feel so inclined to take on the Demon King yourself, you’d do well to heed P.K.’s advice about bracing yourself for the impact of the first bite. Demon King, P.K. also apologizes for ever doubting you and stands corrected. He may just have to stick with that super spicy wasabi ramen and yakisoba from now on instead.

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