Oh, you eat your noodles without any precious metals on top? How…quaint.

With just a month left in the current Heisei Period in Japan, a lot of companies are offering special promotions and products to usher in this end of an era. For example, luxury potato chip maker Koikeya released a special box of chips sprinkled with specks of actual gold.

It was a move that seems to have inspired popular instant yakisoba brand Peyoung to include similarly sophisticated seasoning to their plastic tubs of noodles with Peyoung Sauce Yakisoba with Gold Dust.

Considering Peyoung has come out with some oddball offerings in the past, from hair-growth-inducing Scalp D Yakisoba to Natto Yakisoba, we’re not sure if this is a step towards or away from normalcy for the brand.

▼ Peyoung previous offerings have included Scalp D Yakisoba…

▼ …Peyoung Yakisoba of the Night…

▼ …and Peyoung Chocolate Yakisoba, to name a few

The gold yakisoba went on sale 8 April and can be found at most supermarkets and convenience stores for a limited time, but beware. Peyoung has a very passionate fan base who will likely rush at the chance to try this unique combination, so you may want to hurry.

Our writer P.K. Sanjun grabbed a box for 250 yen (US$2.25). This was a considerable price hike considering a regular box costs 170 yen ($1.53), and suggests that these special edition noodles contain approximately 80 yen ($0.72) worth of gold.

Inside the box was very similar to a regular Peyoung set with packets of seasoning, dried toppings, and sauce, but this time with a little pack of gold dust. There wasn’t a whole lot, but enough to let its presence be known.

Preparation was exactly the same as regular Peyoung Yakisoba, the only difference being a final sprinkling of gold dust on the finished product. It made the fried, dried, soaked, and reheated noodles glimmer in the fluorescent office lighting and whisked P.K. away to a fantastical royal ball in which Peyoung Instant Yakisoba was being served.

After taking a first bite, P.K. was blown away by how delicious it was. Actually, it tasted exactly like regular Peyoung Instant Yakisoba, but P.K. really likes that, so this time was no different.

Still, it was a little much to pay such an exorbitant (by Peyoung standards) price just to give some instant noodles a little pizzazz. Of course, there’s also the option of recovering the metal when it emerges from the other end and resell it when the market fluctuates in his favor.

And so, as Japan enters the Reiwa Era, it’s a great opportunity to try new things. However, if P.K. ever approaches you with a smile on his face and a pocket full of gold, that is not such an opportunity.

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