Forger family was working with a rival burger organization less than a year ago.

We’re still having fun with our full set of Pokémon Japanese summer festival Happy Meal toys that we got from our trips to McDonald’s Japan branches at the end of August. And yet, it’s already time for us to get our anime-and-hamburger-loving selves back to the Golden Arches, because now there’s a Spy x Family Happy Meal (or “Happy Set,” as they’re called in Japan).

The 490-yen (US$3.35) Spy x Family Happy Meals went on sale September 1, preceded by the above commercial in which the series’ precious elementary schooler/psychic mind-reader Anya enthusiastically shows off what comes with it. Instead of a plastic toy, you get stickers and a set of coloring sheets.

There are five sets in total, with the Forger Family pack featuring Anya, adoptive father/secret agent Loid, adoptive mom/assassin Yor, and fluffy dog/precognitive pet Bond. Other sets include Anya’s classmates Becky and Damian, as well as Yor’s younger brother Yuri. Each set also includes the primary drawing of the Forger family standing on the sidewalk.

▼ The character stickers are unique to each set.

As scholars of modern anime/hamburger history will no doubt remember this isn’t Spy x Family’s first foray into burger-based partnerships. Less than a year ago, a branch of Burger King in Tokyo rebranded itself as Burger King Berlint, named after the in-anime city in which the Forgers live. Burger King even made a special Peanut Butter Royale burger in honor of Anya’s love of snacking on peanuts.

But remember, leading double lives is what drives Spy x Family’s plot forward, so switching fast food loyalties doesn’t seem entirely inappropriate for the series.

Source: McDonald’s Japan
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