New drinks capture the nuttiness of Christmas with a unique twist.

We might still be in November but Christmas has already begun at Starbucks in Japan, with its first festive Frappuccino of the year, the Strawberry Merry Cream Frappuccino, getting us in the holiday mood from 1 November.

Now the celebrations are continuing with the unveiling of its second festive release — the Melty White Pistachio Frappuccino.

The new Frappuccino combines the nuttiness of fragrant pistachios with the sweetness of white chocolate to create a rich and decadent drinking experience. The white chocolate sauce at the bottom of the cup has a creamy texture that blends well with the milky body of the drink, and up top there’s even more richness with a swirl of Merry Cream adding a unique twist to the mix.

Like with the Strawberry Merry Cream Frappuccino, this Merry Cream contains mascarpone and white chocolate and is said to pair well with both berries and nuts (and matcha, but that’s another story). The Merry Cream will also be gracing the top of the Melty White Pistachio Mocha, a coffee version of the Frappuccino that will also be available for a limited time this holiday season.

The mocha contains pistachio, white mocha-flavoured syrup, a shot of espresso and steamed milk. The espresso is said to complement the flavour of pistachio, with everything brought together by the sweet mocha syrup. Both drinks are finished with a sprinkling of crushed pistachio cookie pieces and white chocolate powder to create the image of a tree tinged with snow.

The Melty White Pistachio Frappuccino will be available in a Tall size, priced at 678 yen (US$4.56) for takeout or 690 yen for drink-in, while the Melty White Pistachio Mocha will be available either hot or iced, in Short through to Venti sizes, priced from 540-680 yen.

The drinks will be on the menu for a limited time, while stocks last from 29 November to 25 December.

Source, images: Press release
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