Celebrating Valentine’s Day with a car the world has fallen in love with.

When someone wants to make some artistic-looking Valentine’s Day chocolates, a heart shape is the obvious choice. Chocolates shaped like teddy bears or roses are also popular, since those too are common components of a classic romantic gift bundle.

But while February 14 is a day for romance and sweets, every day of the year is a day for cars if you’re Mazda. So to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year the Hiroshima-headquartered auto manufacturer made a chocolate Roadster, and the level of detail is amazing.

The chocolate is based on the ND Roadster, the fourth generation of what’s called the Miata or MX-5 outside Japan (and a car we were on hand for the world debut of). Specifically, it’s modeled on the RF power hardtop/targa model. Mazda didn’t just recreate the car’s body, though, but an array of its interior and internal parts too, all in chocolate.

The seats might seem like obvious inclusions, but then they really went the extra mile with things like the tri-gauge instrument panel, muffler and exhaust system, and even the driveshaft and suspension bits.

In the modern era the auto industry has moved overwhelmingly to digital renderings when it comes to auto styling. Mazda, though, continues to produce clay models for its cars at the design stage to better grasp how they’ll look in the real world, and this chocolate Roadster feels like a continuation of that philosophy.

▼ Mazda’s winged M badge looks great in chocolate form too.

The chocolate Roadster was crafted by Kenta Hasegawa, head chef at Tokyo patissier Melanchomelt/Sucretier.

▼ Some of Hasegawa’s other works

▼ Phone wallpaper-use images of the choco Roadster

Unfortunately, the chocolate ND was a promotional one-off. Roadster/Miata fans online have reacted to the photos with a gigantic and collective “I want one!” though, so hopefully next year Mazda will offer them for sale.

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Source: Mazda/@Mazda_PR

Images: Mazda
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