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Can’t ever seem to find your keys or smartphone? Then maybe it’s time to let the cat into the bag.

While any cat lover can see the appeal of spending the whole day at home playing with their favorite animal, you can’t stay camped out in your apartment every single day. Eventually you’re going to have to go out, and when you do, Felissimo, perhaps Japan’s most prodigious provider of products with a feline theme, has a new way to keep the contents of your bag organized.

The just-released Leave Your Bag Organizing to the Kitty (Bagu no Seiri ha Nyanko ni Omakase in Japanese) line consists of six tidy cat-shaped organizer sleeves that slip inside your bag to add a handful of extra spots in which to stow your belongings. You’ll find four pockets on the front of the organizer, two by the feet that are just the right size for storing your phone, wallet, or cat fortune cookies, and two snugger slots by the forepaws.

▼ The organizer also has a handle at the top for easy removal.

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The backside, meanwhile, has not only a charming tail, but also a sleeve into which you can slide A4-sized documents.

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While the six bags all have the same dimensions (32 centimeters [12.6 inches] long by 24 centimeters [9.4 inches] wide) and number of pockets, each has a differently colored cat.

▼ Tortoiseshell

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▼ Gray

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▼ Black

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▼ Orange tabby

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▼ Gray tabby

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▼ Bicolor

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The Leave Your Bag Organizing to the Kitty organizers can be ordered here from Felissimo for 2,230 yen (US$19 each), of which the company will donate 69 yen to a cat welfare charity. Felissimo seems to think they’re ideal for adding a little more functionality to a canvas shopping bag, which should make them a hit with eco-friendly feline fans. They seem like they’d work just as well in a purse or backpack though, and really, can you honestly see yourself being in a situation where you have too many pockets or too many cats?

Source: Felissimo
Images: Felissimo (edited by RocketNews24)