A touching video clip culminates with some famous well-wishers sending a special message to this year’s graduating class.

March is the month of graduation ceremonies in Japan. With graduating seniors at both high school and university reminiscing about their school days, it’s a time of both heightened nostalgia and eager anticipation for what’s ahead–possibly all in the midst of blooming cherry blossoms, depending on which part of the country they’re in.

This year, the folks at video game company Sega decided to celebrate graduation season by sharing some special words of encouragement in a touching video clip to their official Twitter account:

“To the graduates soaring towards the future: A cheer for you”

The video begins with scenes of an empty school building overlaid with materializing marks on a chalkboard, which gradually fill with color as well. The finished product is revealed to be a collage of famous Sega characters along with the text “Congratulations on graduating. Soar towards the future.” Well-wishing characters Sega mascot Sonic the Hedgehog, Ichiban Kasuga from the Yakuza: Like a Dragon series, Aruru/Arle and Puyo (round, slime-like creatures) from the Puyo Puyo series, and Joker from Persona 5, all drawn together with cherry blossom petals and set to Hatsune Miku/Halyosy’s graduation-themed song “Sakura no Ame (“Rain of Cherry Blossoms”).

The gorgeous artwork was created by artist Mayumi Kawano, who began drawing chalk art in 2009. Mayumi also tweeted about the finished product and shared that she enjoys playing video games with her husband every night before bed. Because of that, she was extremely happy to have the opportunity to draw characters from games that she’s actually played.

If this nostalgic artwork would have made you cry back in high school, maybe this past chalkboard art or other kinds of graduation celebrations would have as well.

Source: Twitter/@SEGA_OFFICIAL via ITmedia Inc.
Top image: PR Times
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