Starbucks Korea’s new graduation bottle makes us want to go back to school


Starbucks Korea has introduced an academically/aesthetically pleasing drink bottle to delight uni grads and fans of cute design alike.

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American otaku attends college graduation accompanied by his anime girl huggy pillow【Video】

Young man in Southern California has a degree, and also a very clear opinion on who Love Live!’s best girl is.

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South Korean high school’s yearbook photos look nothing like yours 【Video】

There’s nothing like ending the best years of youth with a memorable photo shoot.

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Kyoto University students let loose at cosplay graduation ceremony【Photos】

From beer bottles to Pokémon and short-skirted anime girls, these Japanese students know how to celebrate their last day at university.

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J-rocker Gackt further proves his coolness with surprise performance at middle school graduation

In what’s become an annual tradition, the star musician gave a group of teens the surprise of their young lives.

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Everyone from the Cat Bus to Donald Trump showed up to celebrate Kyoto University’s graduation

Graduating from university is an achievement to be proud of, and Kyoto University students don’t hold back in the celebrations!

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Mad Max’s Doof Wagon crashes college graduation in Tokyo 【Video】

Immortan Joe, War Boys, and the Doof Warrior show up to congratulate new grads.

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Japanese school bids farewell to graduating students with amazing Naruto tennis court sand art

It’s time for all the seniors to find their own “way of the ninja!”

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You haven’t really graduated unless you were dressed as Tetris 【Photos】

Springtime in Japan means graduation season, and for increasing numbers of students that means cosplay. And with years of costuming excellence preceding them, students of Kyoto University have a lot to live up to. This year’s grads didn’t disappoint, though!

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Japanese teens dress differently from usual for graduation; people freak out, call police

Since the Japanese school year starts in April, graduation ceremonies usually happen around mid-March. There are tearful speeches, young adults dressing up in traditional graduation outfits, and of course only the most heartfelt thanks and gratitude given to teachers, parents, and everyone else in the community.

But not in Okayama City. For the past few years there’s been an unofficial tradition of the recent middle school graduates gathering outside Okayama Station and wearing *gasp!* long jackets. And not just that, but they’re wearing them in different colors! The horror was so much that police officers were immediately dispatched to keep an eye on all the horrible delinquents.

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From Tiffany to misspelled mugs: The best and worst of Japanese graduation memorial gifts

Graduation is often the most memorable day of a young person’s life. It represents the culmination of years of hard work, while also meaning that, in some cases, it’s time to say goodbye not to just a long chapter in our lives but people we have become close to. It’s certainly a day fraught with emotion!

While some may say that education is the best gift you can receive, Japanese schools like to give something a bit extra in the form of actual presents. Of course, you probably wouldn’t expect much–maybe an inkan with the school and student’s names or a cute little teddy bear. Either way, getting a bag full of Chanel makeup is the last thing you could imagine getting. Unless you’re one of these lucky students!

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The Japanese universities where graduation is one giant cosplay party【Photos】

We’ve seen what can happen when high schools relax the rules for yearbook photos. Today, we bring you the Japanese anything-goes graduation! At the Kanazawa College of Art, graduating students can wear anything they want to the ceremony – and they certainly rise to the challenge.

The students’ epic outfits have become such a popular attraction that TV crews even turn up to find and interview the wearers of this year’s best costumes. The effort these students have put into their outfits is really something!

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