What the heck is this huge sumo wrestler doing at Ryogoku Station in Tokyo?

We all know Ryogoku is sacred ground for sumo wrestlers, but this is bordering on ridiculous!

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Become a sumo wrestler with the new top knot hairband from Japan

Channel your inner rikishi with a head-turning new fashion accessory.

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Join the hordes of net users giggling at GIFs of sumo wrestlers performing comedic moves【Videos】

Unless you’re striving to become one of the big guys yourself, you may not have much connection to the world of professional sumo. As an ancient sport with plenty of ritual elements, the wrestlers, known as rikishi in Japanese, have a highly regimented training lifestyle. With all those rules, it’s certainly easy to overlook the comedic side of sumo.

Wait, there’s a comedic side to sumo?

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