Los Angeles institution makes the trip across the Pacific, but you’ll need to get yours ASAP.

Japan’s traditional cuisine is heavy on rice and fish, but that doesn’t mean the country doesn’t also deeply appreciate a good burger. While domestic chain Mos Burger has branches all across the country, Japan’s burger-loving population has also found room in their hearts and stomachs for U.S.-founded chains McDonald’s, Burger King, and Carl’s Jr.

However, Japan has long been denied the pleasure of one of America’s best regional burgers: southern California’s In-N-Out. Known for its deceptively simple-seeming but secretly complexly customizable menu and focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients, In-N-Out’s burgers are a delicious but emotionally bittersweet memory for Japan-based U.S. expats and Japanese locals who’ve had the chance to eat them while traveling in the States.

So it’s extremely happy news that In-N-Out is throwing us a bone/burger in the form of a Tokyo popup store.

The venue for the popup location will be Goblin Ebisu Hall, the branch of the Goblin event space/studio chain located in Tokyo’s fashionable Ebisu neighborhood.

▼ No clue as to why it’s called Goblin, since the vibe is worlds away from the dank, dark caves and dungeons the fantasy monsters traditionally inhabit.

As mentioned above, In-N-Out’s extremely basic-looking menu of “hamburger,” “cheeseburger,” and “Double-Double” (what the chain calls a double cheeseburger) is supplemented by extensive open-secret hidden menu options.

▼ In-N-Out menu board at one of the chain’s U.S. branches

It’s not clear if the full lineup of customizations will be on offer in Tokyo, but Goblin’s tweet does mention “animal style burger” and “protein style burger,” which denote a mustard-cooked patty and bun-replacing lettuce wraps, respectively.

There’s really only one thing to be sad about here, which is that the Tokyo In-N-Out will be open for one day only, today, June 7, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hopefully this is a sign that the chain is thinking about finally opening a branch in Japan, but for now burger fans will want to get to Ebisu ASAP.

Location information
Goblin Ebisu Hall / Goblin(恵比寿HALL店)
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Ebisu Minami 3-1-24, City Square Ebisu 1st floor
東京都渋谷区恵比寿南3-1-24 シティスクエア恵比寿1F

Source: Twitter/@ebisushinbun
Photos ©SoraNews24
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