The mummy awakens!

Summer in Japan means it’s time for fireworks, and since this summer is especially full-on then it’s time to go really hard with our festive explosives. That’s why our reporter Masanuki Sunakoma has been really digging deep through the crates of fireworks sold in Japan to help you know which ones have a lot of bang for their buck and which ones are duds.

And this time Masanuki got his hands on the Glowing Box Monster Mummy (Hako ga Hikaru Monster Mira). It’s one of those fountain-type fireworks that sits on the ground and sends a stream of sparks flying straight up into the air for a few feet, but this one has a twist in that the box and the mummy printed on it emit an eerie glow as well.

It’s a new one that just hit the market in 2022, so Masanuki didn’t know what to expect, but for only 550 yen (US$3.85), it was worth a shot.

Our reporter’s mummy must have been slumbering for millennia so he wasn’t about to wait any longer. He took his Glowing Box Monster Mummy to a secluded area and lit the fuse…

Right away the monster mummy’s eyes fired up. He had awakened!

The sparks, big and small, began to spurt from the top of the mummy’s box.

The colors changed from red to purple to orange and all the while the mummy’s face continued to glow menacingly.

The sparks suddenly stopped flying but a powerful glow continued to pulse from the mummy’s box. Masanuki was genuinely impressed by the imposing presence of it.

It must have just been getting a second wind because once again a shower of colorful sparks fired out the top.

This second rush was even more violent than the first, as if these fireworks were in celebration of the mummy’s triumphant return.

Then, just as suddenly as it came, the blasting died down once again.

But those eyes… They continued to burn brightly.

All in all, Glowing Box Monster Mummy lasted for about 20 seconds, with an additional 10 seconds or so of glowing. But it was an impressive half-minute display and definitely worth the price if not for the originality alone.

It would be nice if they could make the box shaped like a sarcophagus, but Masanuki would still readily recommend this as a part of any summer fire festivities. By the way, he ordered Glowing Box Monster Mummy from Tateiwa Shoten in Nagasaki, home of some of the more original fireworks around.

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