From a melon soda monster to a mummy filled with purple ooze, these awesome new designs and flavours make this range one of their best releases yet!

We absolutely love Krispy Kreme releases in Japan. From summer sensations to Easter chicks and rabbits, the popular doughnut chain knows exactly how to please customers with their limited edition flavour combinations and adorable designs for the holidays. Now it’s time to count down to another event on the calendar, with Krispy Kreme’s awesome Halloween Monsters Dozen and Halloween Triple Monsters. We were lucky enough to pick up a box of each before their official 14 September release date, and we think their new creations for this year are some of the best we’ve ever seen!


▼ The box designs are absolutely gorgeous, making them perfect for gift-giving and Halloween parties.



▼ Let’s start off by taking a look at the Halloween Monsters Dozen, which is set to retail for 2,000 yen (US$19.64).


Once you open the box, you’ll find it’s full of monsters! While a couple here are mainstays for the season, there are three brand new designs and flavours making their debut for the first time in this year’s collection.


▼ One of their never-before-seen creations is the Melon Soda Monster, which retails for 210 yen.


With a big, round screaming hole for a mouth, the concerned-looking monster is covered in a green melon-flavoured icing, decorated with white and milk chocolate and topped off with marshmallow and chocolate candy eyes.



▼ We can almost hear the poor monster’s screams as we gently cut into its green face!


The melon flavour here is intense, and rather than tasting like a fresh fruit, this one lives up to its name by tasting exactly like a Japanese melon soda!


The delightfully chewy plain doughnut beneath the icing provides a great base on which to carry the strong and delicious taste of melon. The unusual sensation of eating a flavour usually found in a soda drink is fantastic, and exactly the type of surprising treat you’d expect to find at a Halloween party!


▼ The Halloween Sprinkle (210 yen) is also new for this year.


▼ This one uses a pudding-style doughnut to give it a full-bodied flavour and texture.


The generous coating of “Halloween-coloured” candy sprinkles makes this incredibly crunchy, while the chocolate icing combines to bring out a classic doughnut flavour, reminiscent of childhood treats.



The company’s famous Honey Glaze Doughnut (210 yen) is given a Halloween makeover this year with the simple addition of a marshmallow, which creates a singular, bulging Cyclops-like eye.


Delightfully sweet and chewy, the signature glazed doughnut pays tribute to Krispy Kreme’s 10th anniversary in Japan this year, so no limited edition collection would be complete without it.


▼ The Spider Chocolate Custard (210 yen) returns this year, with its signature webbed design.


This is the doughnut for chocolate lovers, with its rich, dark icing dominating the tastebuds with every bite.


The thick vanilla custard filling gets buried beneath the chocolate flavours, making it taste even richer and creamier. It’s definitely one of the most deliciously decadent choices in the whole collection!


▼ The Caramel Pumpkin Jack (230 yen) is also returning this year, and this time he has a new and improved facial design.


▼ Jack’s bright orange face screams Halloween like no other doughnut can!


The beautifully plump doughnut is rich in delicious caramel flavours, which is used in both the icing and the thick custard filling. The addition of a pumpkin seed is fantastic, adding a great crunchy element to the smooth and chewy textures of the doughnut.


This one was our favourite of the lot, with the well-balanced sweetness blending perfectly in every mouthful, giving it an almost cake-like flavour.


▼ One of the most exciting new releases for this year is the adorable Purple Sweet Potato Mummy (230 yen).


Peeking out from his winding, white chocolate bandages, the incredibly cute doughnut features a body of purple sweet potato icing.


▼ Inside, it’s filled with a rich purple sweet potato cream.


This one is deliciously moorish. As one of Japan’s most distinct autumn flavours, sweet potato is a great reminder of the season, and this creamy delight tastes naturally sweet, as if it were made using real potato with a dash of sugar, instead of an artificial flavouring.


This tastes more like a Mont Blanc dessert instead of a doughnut, only with a sweet potato filling replacing the usual chestnut purée inside. The purple mummy is surprisingly delicious, and is definitely one to try for its unique blend of Japanese and western flavours.


As with all the cream-filled doughnuts in the collection, heating them briefly in the microwave brings out their flavourful aromas and turns their insides into a wonderful, warm ooze.


As well as being sold separately and in dozen packs, the three star doughnuts in the collection can be purchased as Halloween Triple Monsters for 670 yen.


▼ The unique package is designed to make the sweets look as if they’re three monsters sleeping in a coffin!


▼ Opening the lid reveals Jack, the Purple Mummy and the Melon Soda Monster.


As with all limited edition holiday releases, the Halloween collection won’t be around for long. These spooky doughnuts will be on sale from 14 September to 31 October, so be sure to stop by Krispy Kreme to try the monsters before they disappear!


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