Don’t mind us, just airing our clean laundry.

Perpetual motion machines, alarm clocks, hourglasses… here at SoraNews24, we test out some of Amazon Japan’s lowest-rated products so you don’t have to. This time around, our Japanese-language reporter Masanuki Sunakoma decided to purchase a high-speed clothes drying bag. More specifically, he bought the Ecoolda Rapid Clothes Drying Bag, Portable Clothes Drying Tool, Top and Bottom Set, Dryer Compatible, Duvet Dryer Compatible, Rainy Season, Travel, Business Trips, Room Drying, Convenient Goods bag for an affordable 1,450 yen (US$10.92).

According to the product page, this clothes drying bag fits any size clothing and is super light, weighing in at just 90 grams (3.2 ounces). It’s supposedly a handy tool to travel with when you need to wash and dry your clothes in a jiffy.

The bag arrived in a set of two white polyester pieces: one for tops and one for bottoms. Masanuki thought they looked pretty self-explanatory, which is a good thing since they didn’t come with any sort of product manual.

Masanuki took a freshly-washed long-sleeved shirt and put the clothes drying bag inside.

Then, he stuck a hair dryer into the opening of the bag.

When he turned the air dryer on…


It opened suddenly and explosively, like an air bag in a car. It dried quickly and mercilessly. Masanuki thought it might even come in handy for preventing wrinkles. No iron needed!

It doesn’t have enough power to dry jeans, but…

underwear should be fine!

Okay, okay, Masanuki realizes the visual is a bit weird. You might not want to do this in front of coworkers, but friends and family might get a laugh out of it.

This clothes drying bag only has a single one-star review on Amazon Japan. The reviewer claimed that the stitching was poorly done and that it ripped within 30 seconds of use. Masanuki thought the reviewer must have gotten a dud since his worked just fine.

All in all, Masanuki thinks it’s a good find for things like business trips more so than regular use. He definitely didn’t get a dud; it dried everything except for his jeans just fine.

Amazon Japan has a number of other similar options  available, but many of them are twice the price of this clothes drying bag. If you want to test one out before committing to a possibly higher quality one, Masanuki recommends the Ecoolda Rapid Clothes Drying Bag, Portable Clothes Drying Tool, Top and Bottom Set, Dryer Compatible, Duvet Dryer Compatible and his personal rating for it would be three stars.

Source: Amazon Japan
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