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Okay, Rocketeers, it’s time for another round of Cute or Creepy? Earlier this month we looked at some key chains made out of dried sea cucumbers that clearly fell into the latter category. The deck was kind of stacked against them, though, seeing as how most of us don’t really think of the spineless sea creatures as particularly cute to star with.

Today, we’re looking at something a little more visually appealing: Disney characters, and not just any old Disney characters, as Mickey and his pals are all dressed up for Halloween. What’s more, the whole gang is bear-shaped, thanks to a collaboration with toy line Bearbrick.

How could this be anything other than completely adorable? Allow us to show you.

Nine classic characters are getting the special treatment, as part of the Halloween Monster Be@rbrick Wow! Unbreakable collaboration between Disney and MediCom Toy. In fairness, some of them do have a friendly, playful look, like Mummy Mickey, Witch Minnie, Devil Donald, Dracula Daisy, and Skeleton Pluto.

▼ Skeleton Pluto would also make a great name for a Pacific Rim giant robot

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The atmosphere of pleasant fun starts to fade a bit, though, with the malicious glare in the eyes of “Man-Made Dog Goofy,” who we’re guessing is supposed to be some sort of Frankenstein’s monster-like abomination.

▼ Even Winnie the Pooh Bat looks a little intimidated

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We’ll take the easily identifiable rage of Goofy over whatever the sentiment is behind the completely gone look on the faces of Jack-o’-Lantern Chip and Dale.

▼ It’s bloodlust, isn’t it?

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The same group of characters are also available in ghost versions. They glow in the dark, which probably makes for a cool effect when the lights are out. At other times, though, it just sort of looks like everyone is naked.

▼ Also, does Ghost Pooh have a tattoo of Piglet on his thigh?

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Each of the Halloween Disney Bearbricks is seven centimeters (2.8 inches) long and sells for 700 yen (US$6.40). Purchasing one also gives you a chance to win one of two prizes, with the first being this special set of five more figures.

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According to the Bearbrick website, they’re supposed to be Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Pluto covered in graffiti, fulfilling the “trick” part of the “trick or treat” bargain. We’re thankful for the official explanation, because at first we thought we might have been looking at a group of desecrated corpses.

The final prize marks the Bearbrick debut of Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Appearing as the Pumpkin King, he’s just as appropriate for Halloween as any of the others, even if he’s not nearly as frightening as the Jack-o’-Lantern Chip and Dale.

Source, images: Be@arbrick Wow!
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