Spider-Man and Razor Ramon Hard Gay rub shoulders with some of the hottest characters in Japan! 

Summer Comiket 2023, or Comic Market 102 as this iteration is officially known, was held at the Tokyo Big Sight convention centre on 12-13 August, and our reporter Egawa Tasuku sweltered under the hot sun on the first day of the event, when he rubbed shoulders with cosplayers and doujinsha (self-published manga) fans and creators.

When he returned on the second day of the two-day convention, the sun was nowhere to be seen, but the atmosphere was still bright, thanks to the buzz of excitement amongst attendees.

▼ The cloudy conditions made standing in the queue to enter a lot less sweat-inducing.

Once he’d made his way inside just after 11:00 a.m., Egawa decided to skip the east area where come of the cosplayers were meant be, seeing as they were late to start there on the previous day. Instead, he headed straight for the company booths, snapping photos in that area until around midday.

The first booth belonged to Goddess of Victory: Nikke, and it was one of the most popular, with cosplayers standing in clear boxes to recreate the gacha element from the game.

▼ A swimsuit event had just been held in the game, so cheers erupted when cosplayers appeared in swimsuits.

As he made his way to the next booth, Egawa was stopped by Hatsune Miku, who wanted to share some news with him.

It was a special “sports report” that had appeared at Comiket for three consecutive seasons, according to what was printed on it.

▼ It also conveniently advertised merch for Liella!

Egawa wasn’t sure why they were using a faux newspaper to sell merch, but they were selling goods mainly related to Love Live! Superstar!!. Could it be that the staff at the booth are really otaku reporters from a news editorial department?

Either way, Egawa thanked Hatsune Miku for her time and moved on to the next booth, where he was greeted by characters from Wuthering Waves.

▼ The characters differ, depending on when you visit.

▼ The Identity V Fifth Personality booth was particularly popular with female visitors.

▼ The official cosplayers at this booth were incredibly impressive, as they really got into character for their photos.

One of the hottest titles at this year’s Summer Comiket was Blue Archive, and the cosplayers at the official booth appeared in swimsuit versions of the characters.

Other booths were drawing crowds for their freebies, like this one, which was giving away Aogiri High School drinks.

▼ And over at Muv-Luv, Egawa said hello to a wandering Laser-class BETA.

As he passed by the IdolMaster booth, Egawa saw they were playing a video, but he didn’t have time to stop and watch as the rooftop cosplay area was now open and ready for viewing.

Egawa wasted no time in heading out to the roof to meet the cosplayers of Day Two. They were even better than Egawa expected, so let’s take a look at them below!

This original work consists of a fantastic powered suit made by @UEDAJYOKO and modelled by @6gimugi. 

▼  Takina Inoue from Lycorice Recoil  | Cosplayer: @tosaka1126

Chisato Nishikigi from Lycoris Recoil | Cosplayer: @mocha_mcmc

Silver Chariot from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure | Cosplayer: @dukedewrk

Hiroi Kikuri from Bocchi the Rock! | Cosplayer: marina_rios, who came all the way from Brazil for Comiket.

▼  And lo and behold, all the way from New York, is Spider-Man!

▼ Now this is a crossover we’d like to see.

Mao Xiangling from Genshin Impact | Cosplayer: @koyori1015

The rain started to pour down heavily at this point so Egawa moved with the cosplayers to a covered area for the rest of the photos.

Texas from Arknights  | Cosplayer: @Shiminome_

▼  Sinon from Sword Art Online | Cosplayer: @nanamimaron_cos

Syuen from Nikke | Cosplayer: @suya0113

Yan from Nikke | Cosplayer: @homakiho

Tokoyami Towa from Hololive | Cosplayer: @mery_cosnico

Mika Misono from Blue Archive | Cosplayer: @kigupichan

Saki Tenma from Project Sekai Colourful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku | Cosplayer: @sakura_kinomii

▼  And finally, we have @zangi_f_fujiko, cosplaying as Razor Ramon Hard Gay, a character adopted by retired professional wrestler and Japanese comedian Masaki Sumitani.

It was another great day of cosplayers at Comiket, and now we can’t wait for the winter edition to roll around on 30-31 December. See you there!

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