Pizza Hut Japan

Pizza Hut Japan creates Teritama Hut Melt teriyaki and egg pizza for cherry blossom season

Just in time for hanami picnics in the park.

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Pizza Hut Japan’s Thick-style Ramen Pizza is here, but is it as delicious as it is weird?【Taste test】

Pizza Hut joins forces with beloved ramen chain Tenka Ippin for a one-of-a-kind two-in-one meal.

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Pizza Hut Melts bring a new twist to tsukimi moon-viewing in Japan

Join us as we taste the moon, Pizza Hut style.

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Moon-viewing pizza comes to Pizza Hut Japan for tsukimi season

♪When the moon hits your eye, like a big moon-viewing pizza pie♪

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Extended Weiner Coffee Pizza lifespan announced by Pizza Hut to Japan’s delight/confusion

Apparently sausage and coffee was the pizza combination people didn’t realize they wanted all along.

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Japan’s Pizza Hut Lunch Pack sandwiches are here!【Taste test】

Japan’s pocket pouch sandwiches shined on the Olympic stage, and now they’re teaming up with Pizza Hut Japan.

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Pizza Hut sandwiches? Japanese lunch packs will never be the same again

Pizza chain joins the trend for premade sandwiches in Japan.

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Pizza Hut Japan tries to win over pineapple haters with new bulgogi meat pizza【Taste test】

You can’t say it’s gross if you’ve never tried it!

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We tried Pizza Hut Japan’s limited-edition pizza topped with…ice cream and maple syrup?

Dinner and dessert all in one meal? Now that’s efficient eating. Read More