Pizza Hut

Is it OK to order pizza delivery during a typhoon? We ask Japan’s big three pizza chains

Debate divides Japan when storms hit and stomachs rumble.

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Pizza Hut’s new rice pizzas debut in Japan, but are they any good?

Not every topping is a perfect match for rice instead of pizza dough. 

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Rice Pizza?! Pizza Hut creates a new base for customers in Japan

Gohan Pizza My Box is full of new surprises.  

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Hut Day is just around the corner in Japan…or is it Hat Day?

Huppy Hut Duy!

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Durian Mango Cheese Pizza comes to Pizza Hut Taiwan, we put our nose on the line and try some

This pizza leaves the whole pineapple controversy in the dust.

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Pizza Hut’s new Oreo pizza is like nothing we’ve ever eaten before

What you’d get if street food, biscuits and pizza had a child together.  

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Japan’s Pizza Hut Lunch Pack sandwiches are here!【Taste test】

Japan’s pocket pouch sandwiches shined on the Olympic stage, and now they’re teaming up with Pizza Hut Japan.

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Pizza Hut sandwiches? Japanese lunch packs will never be the same again

Pizza chain joins the trend for premade sandwiches in Japan.

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Pizza Hut Japan tries to win over pineapple haters with new bulgogi meat pizza【Taste test】

You can’t say it’s gross if you’ve never tried it!

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We tried Pizza Hut Japan’s limited-edition pizza topped with…ice cream and maple syrup?

Dinner and dessert all in one meal? Now that’s efficient eating. Read More

We try out Pizza Hut Taiwan’s Ramen Pizza, try to figure out its national identity

Pizza Hut has stretched the limits of the form with ramen pizza, so we grabbed a bowl. Er, slice.

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Pizza Hut creates Putting our Soul into Every Bite Ramen Pizza with famous Japanese ramen chain

Bizarrely tempting pie isn’t for Japan, though.

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Japanese pizza in the coronavirus age – Testing Pizza Hut’s anti-infection Oki Pizza delivery

Company starts putting the pizza down to help keep customers and workers safe.

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Domino’s, Pizza Hut introduce “Zero Contact” delivery service in Japan amidst coronavirus fears

Delivery drivers will stand two meters from your front door and watch as you pick up your pizza.

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Japanese company Yellow Hat hilariously mistakes Pizza Hut for Italian dish-themed headwear

“Yellow Hatto” and “Pizza Hatto”, what could possibly go wrong?

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Top April Fools’ Day prank news stories from Japan

Our roundup of the country’s craziest April Fool’s Day products and services we actually wish were real.

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Pizza Hut teams up with Japanese fitness chain to bring you “diet pizzas”【Taste Test】

New pizzas promise you can still keep the pounds off, but without the cravings.
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Pizza Hut Japan asks customers “Don’t you hungry?” 【Why does Engrish happen in Japan?】

Sure, Pizza Hut, but do you English?

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The plot thickens: Pizza Hut Japan’s feline employees disappear overnight, forcing store closure 【Video】

Back in August we brought you the news that Pizza Hut in Japan was now under the control of four bossy cats. Along with millions of other pizza and cat fans, we couldn’t get enough of the adorable antics of Tenchō, Hime, Dora and Detch as they manned (catted?) the phones, were startled by the sound of the cash register, and rode a rumba around the store.

This week, the chain announced the emergency closure of its Pizza Cat store, citing the mysterious disappearance of the four plucky feline workers. Where could they have gone? And why? We did some detective work to try and find out.

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Food envy: Pizza Hut Korea launches new cream cheese cranberry crust pizza

Japan gets all kinds of delicious seasonal and limited-edition treats, so it’s not often that I find myself wishing I lived in one of its neighbouring countries instead. Today, though, I have most definitely been paid a visit by the green-eyed monster, as South Korea’s Pizza Hut has just launched a brand-new pizza with a crust filling that looks so mouthwateringly delicious that I can honestly say I wish I were having lunch in Seoul rather than Tokyo today.

Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, prepare to feel very, very hungry.

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