With carefully selected ingredients, they may be the most delicious ones yet.

Mos Burger, a Japanese chain restaurant, puts out some bangers of burgers, and you never know what will come on them. Maybe it’s mac and cheese, maybe it’s red wine and vinegar, or maybe it’s an egg and sausage on fluffy focaccia bread.

From September 13 until mid-November, Mos Burger will be selling the Tsukimi (or “Moon-Viewing”) Focaccia, and the Barbecue Focaccia. The Tsukimi Focaccia–a collaboration menu item with Sailor Moon last year–was actually so popular in 2022 that it sold out in the first two weeks. If you weren’t able to grab one last year, now’s your chance!

What’s more, this year’s burger is a bit more special. This time around, its half-boiled egg is fortified with vitamin E and the calcium of eggshells that normally get thrown away, making it more nutritious than your average egg.

▼ The Tsukimi Focaccias are going for 580 yen (US$3.97) each.

It also includes a juicy sausage in a natural casing, Mos Burger’s original barbecue sauce, and lettuce and cabbage for extra crunch. It’s all sandwiched between two fluffy pieces of focaccia bread.

▼ The Barbecue Focaccias are priced at 510 yen a pop.

The Barbecue Focaccia contains the same ingredients as the Tsukimi Burger minus the half-boiled egg. That means you’ll be able to savor the flavorful, smoky, veggie-filled barbecue sauce.

The two sandwiches will be available nationwide at Mos Burger restaurants around Japan starting September 13. Get ready to celebrate autumn, but make sure you do it before it’s sold out!

Source, images: PR Times
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