Takumi Armory is here to make Harajuku feel like an RPG starter town.

There’s no better place for fashion shopping in Tokyo than the Harajuku neighborhood. Whether your interests lie in the exuberant youth trends of the crowded shops on narrow Takeshita-dori street, the flagship shops of high-end global brands on the broad boulevard of Omotesando, or the up-and-coming Japanese design houses of the Uraharajuku backstreets, you’re sure to find something special to add to your wardrobe in Harajuku.

In addition to clothing stores, Harajuku also has a ton of accessory shops, and it’s getting an especially unique one soon with the opening of a fantasy role-playing game-style weapon shop.

We’ve talked before about Takumi Armory, the cosplay weaponry division of Hyogo Prefeture-based company Takumi Kogei. Takumi Armory crafts a huge variety of uniquely awesome-looking replica armaments for fantasy-themed cosplayers, and they recently opened a pop-up shop in Shibuya, another neighborhood of downtown Tokyo, which can be seen in the tweets below.

Unfortunately, the Shibuya shop closed last Monday. The good news, though, is that instead of packing everything up and heading back to Hyogo, Takumi Armory’s Tokyo adventure will continue with the opening of a new store inside Laforet, one of Harajuku’s most famous and popular shopping centers.

▼ The Laforet building, with its silver circular top, can be seen in the right photo below.

“Our goal is to have visitors tell us that our great axe and great scythe fantasy weapons are cute,” says Takumi Kogei president Takumi Orii of opening a cosplay weapon shop in the mecca of Japan’s kawaii fashion culture.

▼ Takumi Armorys steampunk gatling gun, which was on display at the Shibuya shop

A complete sales lineup for the Harajuku shop hasn’t been announced, but Takumi Armory has said that its stylish acrylic shorts swords and daggers will be o offer.

And for those who need some real-world practicality to go along with their fantasy aesthetics, the shop will also have such sensible items as magic circle coasters and cosplay gemstone keychains.

And even if you don’t go home with a weapon, shoppers who make purchases will still be offered a chance to pose with a greatsword or greataxe, bathed in the light of a full-size magic circle.

As with Takumi Armory’s Shibuya stint, the Harajuku weapon shop will only be open for a limited time, from October 1 to November 26, though if you still need equipment after that, there’s always the company’s online shop.

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Source: Laforet via IT Media

Top image: Laforet
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