It’s a caffeine boost and a microdose of Japanese culture all in one.

We’ve found out that Japanese sake can be infused into unexpected foods like Kit Kats and butter, but what about a beverage that many people consume daily? Yamatoya, a coffee manufacturer based in Japan’s Gunma Prefecture, recently released their new product Sake Coffee on October 1–which also happened to be both National Coffee Day and National Sake Day in Japan!

This single-serve drip coffee contains coffee beans that were soaked in local, Gunma-produced Japanese sake prior to roasting, imbibing the beans with its flavor and aroma. The aim of the product is to create a coffee product that’s truly unique to Gunma Prefecture.

Sake Coffee is available in two types: Mizubasho, a collaboration with Nagai Sake Brewery, and Higen, a team effort with Asama Sake Brewery. The names are borrowed from each brewery’s respective sake lineup, and each sake was chosen by their respective brewer’s staff to pair specifically with coffee.

▼ The Mizubasho drip coffee pack

Mizubasho, a fruity and light-tasting sake, is paired with Brazilian coffee beans, which tend to have low acidity and full body.

▼ The Higen drip coffee pack

On the flip side, Higen’s light taste accents the fruity-tasting Guatemalian coffee beans.

Each drip pack is priced at 324 yen (US$2.16) each and can be purchased using the links below (Japanese only). They’re being sold in limited quantities, so if your interest is piqued, it would be better to act quickly!

Sources: Yamato Coffee (1, 2) via PR Times
Images: PR Times
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