These cute pouches will fit right alongside your campfire cookware!

Picture this: your tent is set up, you and your friends are sat under the star-studded sky with blankets and snacks. Basking in the campfire and the rosy glow of good company, you can’t help but wish you had a special beverage to toast this get-together as it deserves. Sure, you could clink some beer cans together…but this is a fancy occasion, and fancy occasions call for alcohol of a higher grade. But who carts a huge glass wine bottle along with them on a camping trip? Not you, nor any other sensible camper.

Along comes Tsunan Sake Brewery with Go Pocket, a robust pouch that contains one of seven different varieties of their brewery’s sake.

The pouch conducts both heat and cold well without compromising the alcohol within, so you can safely dip your Go Pocket pouch into a cool running spring to enjoy crisp, cold sake or just as easily heat it up over a campfire to serve it piping hot.

▼ Enjoy your sake hot…

▼ …or refreshingly cold.

The pouch itself is just a vessel, mind you— so don’t forget to bring cups or containers to dispense your rice wine into. The good news is that even with the cups and containers packed alongside the pouch, you’re guaranteed to have more space than if you had packed a bulky sake bottle. There’s also much less risk that the container will crack or spill while in transit.

▼ Just tip and pour and you can toast on the go!

With such easy transportability and a compact shape, you might want to buy a few different kinds to take on a trip. The full list of seven varieties are as follows:

  • Go Pocket Diner (Junmai Daiginjo, the highest classification of sake) – has a crisp, elegant flavor
  • Go Pocket Dolce (Junmai Ginjo, the second-highest classification) – has a candied, sweet flavor
  • Go Pocket Vino (Junmaishu, a kind of sake that uses only rice, rice mold and water) – has a fruity acidity like white wine
  • Go Pocket Days (regular sake) – a typical sake that can be drunk casually
  • Go Pocket Light (Junmai Ginjo) – 8 percent alcohol content, smooth and light
  • Go Pocket Spade (Junmaishu) – has a pure, dry flavor
  • Go Pocket Vintage (Junmai Ginjo) – aged for 9 years, has a rich and dry flavor

The pouches have classy, minimalistic designs that will fit into any campfire atmosphere, and each one is color-coded to match its contents. The pouches contains about 100 milliliters (3.38 fluid ounces) of sake and cost between 330 yen (US$3.00) to 660 yen (US$6).

The pouches are available to purchase online through Tsunan’s website as well as in-person at the Muji-owned Tsunan campground in Niigata Prefecture. You can also purchase a piece of aluminum cookware specifically intended to heat your sake over the campfire for 3,300 yen (US$30).

Summer is a great time to get outside and celebrate, and open-air camping is currently one of the safest ways to see other people in the current pandemic. So why not pack yourself some portable sake, stoke up a rainbow fire and let those good times roll!

Source, images: PR Times
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