Flying via Tokyo’s Haneda Airport? The Quintessa Hotel Tokyo Haneda Comic & Books is perfect for manga lovers with its 24-hour library and warm food.

When our Japanese-language reporter Masanuki Sunakoma found himself preparing to travel recently, he decided to book a hotel near Keikyu Kamata Station in Ota Ward, Tokyo. This station is conveniently situated between Haneda Airport on the Keikyu Airport Line and Shinagawa Station on the Keikyu Main Line via the Airport Express, taking less than ten minutes to access either destination. That makes it especially great for those who are traveling at odd hours and want to be able to move quickly.

Once he started searching for hotels near Keikyu Kamata Station, Masanuki knew which one he wanted to book as soon as he spotted its name: Quintessa Hotel Tokyo Haneda Comic & Books. Located about 500 meters (547 yards) from the station, or a 7 to 8-minute walk, it might be a little tricky for travelers with big luggage–but it’s all worth it in the end.

Masanuki was eager with anticipation when he finally walked up to the doors on the day of his visit.

True to its name, the hotel’s first-floor lobby was absolutely packed with a library of 8,000 volumes of Japanese-language manga. A lounge fitting 33 seats also branched off from the lobby in the back.

Forget traveling–Masanuki could spend his whole vacation with all-you-can-read manga!

▼ A Quintessa hotel ranking of the most popular manga series

Even better, guests could bring up to 10 volumes at once back to their rooms. They just have to sign them out at the reception desk.

Masanuki continued exploring the lounge area and noticed a 24-hour drink bar and all-you-can-eat curry and udon, which is included for all guests. It’s a nice perk for those who might be traveling on a tight schedule and need a quick bite.

In fact, there was a large group of foreigners with their suitcases nearby happily eating some curry at that moment.

It was late afternoon and too early for dinner, but Masanuki definitely felt a few hunger pangs. He decided to grab a quick bite to tide him over till later.

First he prepared some udon…

…and then some curry. He felt extremely content after eating a hot meal.

After eating, he picked out a few volumes of a manga, Vinland Saga, that he was currently in the middle of reading and signed it out to take back to his room.

The hallway on his floor was well-lit and clean.

A sticker on the door even stated that the room had been sterilized prior to his arrival.

Opening the door, he looked around the standard double room that he had booked. It was compact yet functional and perfect for his main objective of getting some sleep before early morning plans.

Unique features that he noticed were a Simmons mattress and a Mirable shower head in the bathroom.

All of the essential amenities were provided, including a toothbrush and cotton swabs. In addition, the entire building had free wi-fi, coin-operated washing machines, an ice maker, vending machines, an outdoor smoking area, and a 7-Eleven branch right next door. There was nothing lacking from his perspective.

▼ The provided shampoo and body soap had a refreshing orange scent to it.

Masanuki spent most of the rest of the evening lounging with his manga in the room. He didn’t feel lonely at all with so much reading to do before bedtime.

When it was time to check out, all he had to do was drop his room key in a box–super streamlined.

All in all, his stay was heavenly, and a very good value for everything he got. The total cost for the night was 7,830 yen (US$52.35) after using a Rakuten travel coupon worth 870 yen. He encourages anyone else who wants to stay conveniently close to Haneda Airport and is a lover of manga to consider booking a room there.

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Hotel information
Quintessa Hotel Tokyo Haneda Comic & Books / クインテッサホテル東京羽田 Comic & Books
Address: Tokyo-to, Ota-ku, Minami-tabata, 1-25-13

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