Pikachu and his pals want to give you a very special hello as soon as you step outside Tokyo’s international airport.

This week, Uniqlo’s hotly anticipated line of Pokémon T-shirts started showing up in (and quickly disappearing from) the chain’s retail outlets. It’s not just Japan’s human population that’s getting an infusion of Poké-style in its wardrobe though, but its train system as well.

In recent years, multiple expansions at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport have made it an increasingly popular destination choice for both domestic and international travelers. So to help make their arrival in Japan’s capital extra-special, Tokyo Monorail, one of the primary rail providers that links the airport with the city, has enlisted a group of special travel ambassadors: Pikachu and his Pocket Monster buddies!

The franchise mascot himself will be taking up the lead position on the specialPokémon Monorail, which will run between Haneda Airport, stopping at both domestic and international terminals, and Monorail Hamamatsucho Station, in downtown Tokyo. Following behind Pikachu will be several other Pokémon species, organized by color, such as Snorlax and Bulbasaur.

While Tokyo Metro’s current teaser image reveals the design for three of the carriages, the company’s 1000 series trains, one of which will serve as the canvas for the special train, is actually a six-car configuration, so it seems like we’ve still got half the fun to look forward to when the Pokémon Monorail makes its debut on June 1, plus plenty of time to ride the rail with Pikachu, since it’s scheduled to be in service until late June 2020.

Source: PR Times
Top image: Wikipedia/jon
Insert images: PR Times
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