McNuggets aren’t the only thing these high schoolers are in love with.

McDonald’s Japan seems to have a pretty good grip on why people eat there. Yeah, their food is tasty, but it’s also affordable and, with the chain having branches all over, convenient. That broad appeal and accessibility means that if you spend enough time with someone, you’re probably going to eventually have a day where one of you says “Hey, wanna grab something to eat at McDonald’s?” and the other says “Sure, sounds good,” which means there some of the memories you make with some of the most important people in your life are going to involve a McDonald’s meal.

There’s a long history of McDonald’s Japan celebrating those simple but special moments in its ads, with a new batch debuting in September with a young couple and their daughter sitting down together for a cozy takeout meal, followed by another in which a group of teenage friends sit down by the riverside for an afterschool snack. Now McDonald’s Japan has released a new video showing another special relationship through an anime lens, with a high school couple sitting side by side for a sunset McNugget session.

McDonald’s tweeted the family video with message “A nothing-special happy time,” and the friends one with “A message from adults: Cherish these times.” The newest video comes with no written accompaniment, letting the pair’s furtive glances, and the way the girl feels free to take a fry from the guy’s pile, as signs of their burgeoning romantic relationship.

As for why the scene is set at sundown, as of November 1 McDonald’s Japan is allowing customers to choose between the standard Chicken McNuggets or Mc The Chicken chicken strips in its after-5 p.m. PoteNugge sets.

Incidentally, McDonald’s took a break from celebrating the heartwarmingly mundane in late September with a Halloween-themed anime video.

For those wondering who the artist behind the ads is, all four were produced by freelance illustrator Uraura Ura-chan (@urachan1629 on Twitter).

Considering that in the next few weeks we’re likely to see a return of McDonald’s Japan’s gratin croquette sandwiches, a wintertime favorite for the way it warms you up from the inside, we might be seeing more heartwarming videos from Uraura Ura-chan soon.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@McDonaldsJapan
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