January 8 heralds a new era of health-conscious menu options and educational freebies.

While McDonald’s has never been especially associated with healthy eating, the restaurant chain is famous for meals specifically targeted to children, and people are understandably concerned about what their children eat. Even if you, a responsible and mature adult, don’t mind guzzling down a 20-pack of McNuggets for lunch, presumably you’d want your infant child to eat something with a bit more nutritional value. McDonald’s Japan seems to agree, seeing how they’ve completely reshuffled the Happy Meal (Happy Set in Japan) menu to showcase some new, much healthier options for your little ones to chow down on.

▼ Their new ad shows a caretaker bringing some delicious new Happy Meals to his delighted young charges.

The announcement for the new menu options came with this message from McDonald’s Japan:

“We made it so that dads and moms who are primarily concerned about their kids’ growth and development can choose the perfect Happy Meal set to put their minds at ease. And above all else, we made it so that children can eat their meals with gusto. We’ve prepared an extensive menu for you to choose from while taking nutritional needs into account and giving children the chance to grow and develop.”

▼ The website boasts over 300 potential combinations of main, side, and drink options from their new menu.

The new editions specifically are a side of yogurt and a side of edamame soybeans and sweet corn, each served in an appetizing and colorful paper bowl. The main choices of hamburger, cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, or pancakes remain unchanged, as do the existing side options of a side salad or small potato fries. The drink menu remains the same as well: milk, apple juice, orange juice, Sokenbicha tea, or vegetable juice. The edamame peas and sweetcorn option will replace the currently available sweetcorn option.

Food isn’t the only aspect that’s evolving in Happy Meals. McDonald’s Japan is continuing its popular picture book campaign, where you can receive a free children’s book alongside your meal. The cute licensed toys aren’t going anywhere, but the choice is available for parents who would rather treat their child to a cute picture book about a pumpkin bath or a mini-encyclopedia than a plastic model of Curious George.

▼ The current crop of Happy Meal toys…

▼ And the selection available from January, alongside the new menu options.

Do these new additions spark joy for your inner child, or only stoke your cravings for an abomination of meat and candy? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: McDonald’s Japan Happy Set
Top image: YouTube/マクドナルド公式(McDonald’s)
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