Ikuna gets the limit break of lucky bags.

Every year, Square Enix offers a range of fukubukuro lucky bags based on their hugest titles: Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts. And every year our writer Ikuna Kamezawa enters the lottery for the chance to purchase one, only to lose time and time again.

It got to the point where she simply applied out of habit with absolutely no expectation to get one. But 2024 brought new hope in the form of an email informing her that she was eligible to buy a Final Fantasy lucky bag for 13,000 yen (US$90).

Ikuna had chosen Final Fantasy because she is a long-time player who completed every game in the mainline series as well as a few offshoots like Tactics. In her heart, Final Fantasy 6 is the best, mainly due to the drifting gambler Setzer who made an impact in her more formative years and whom she credits with her inexplicable attraction to bad boys and thus the reason she’s still single.

So, it was with great anticipation and joy that she opened her Final Fantasy lucky bag, which turned out to be more of a lucky box. Resting on top of her bundle of goods was a postcard featuring a chocobo and slime wishing her happy holidays.

The centerpiece of this haul was the Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa Exotic Dress Figure. Having only played the original FFVII and not the remake, Ikuna was more familiar with the polygonal Tifa and barely recognized this one, but it was still nice enough to put on a shelf somewhere out of her cat’s reach.

This item alone sells for 19,580 yen ($135), making it worth more than the entire lucky bag. Looking at it another way, Ikuna just bought a figure for two-thirds of the price and got a whole bunch of other free stuff to boot.

There was also a set of eight glass plates with characters featured in Dissidia Final Fantasy along with their game of origin.

The box contained eight blind boxes which were said to contain a random character’s dish.

However, Ikuna ended up with the full set of eight different characters, which seemed suspiciously lucky.

And of course she’ll need something to drink with her Final Fantasy dishes, so her box also contained an adorable Moogle glass.

There was also a pixel map sticker sheet which she plans to slap on her computer.

And to round things out, Ikuna also got a tote bag and pouch based on the picture book Chocobo And The Flying Airship, some Final Fantasy X clear folders, and a Final Fantasy VII Remake postcard set.

Blatant Final Fantasy VIII erasure aside, this was an excellent selection of goods for a ridiculously cheap price. Ikuna plans to apply again and in all likelihood three or four more Final Fantasy titles will be released before she gets another chance to buy one of these rare fukubkuro so it’ll be a whole new experience next time.

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