What’s inside the Disney Store’s 10,000-yen Lucky Box? This year, actually useful items!

Disney supplies not just toys and collectibles, but actual practicality!

Japanese Disney Store Lucky Boxes come in two varieties every year: a 3,000-yen (US$20.94) one and a 10,000-yen one. Naturally, the 10,000-yen one contains more items, including merchandise that they don’t sell at their online store.

As such, for the two years he’s been buying Disney Store lucky boxes, our Japanese-language reporter Seiji Nakazawa has always gotten the 10,000-yen one. But last year he had a thought…maybe it would be better to buy the 3,000-yen bag. Why? Because in previous years, the 10,000-yen box has mostly felt like it was filled with small, leftover items, though our resident Disney fanatic said last year’s was pretty good.

▼ Some of the things in last year’s box

Also, the 3,000-yen box also sold out faster, so Seiji had to wonder if that was the reason why. It’s also why he wasn’t sure whether he should actually buy the 10,000-yen box this year…But he ended up buying it anyway.

This year, both boxes were reported to have one less limited-edition item, which was a bit of a bummer, but nevertheless, there were things in the 10,000-yen box that truly shocked him….

Actually useful items! The box contained not just toys and accessories but daily items like a decorative pillow, a bath towel, and even a hoodie.

In fact, this box had lots of large items, as opposed to small items that they would use to make a profit on the box. The hoodie was an especially awesome find. Clothing, whether Disney or not, is generally more expensive, which makes Seiji hesitate to buy it in general, so he was really happy to see a cool hoodie in the box.

He was also particularly excited about the bath towel, which would be very useful in his daily life. And the decorative pillow could be used to spruce up the office, so he was pleased with that catch too!

This was the first time in the three years that Seiji’s been buying this box that it actually had something useful inside, never mind several useful things. In his opinion, it was a major win.

Here’s everything that was inside the box:

・A Minnie plush wearing a dragon costume
・A Mickey and Minnie reusable shopping bag
・A Mickey reusable shopping bag
・A beach towel (3,630 yen)
・A Disney 100th-anniversary Minnie Plush (4,400 yen)
・A plushie keychain
・A Mickey figure
・A postcard
・A snow globe (6,380 yen)
・A 30-pack of pleated masks made from a nonwoven fiber (1,320 yen)
・An Aladdin 30th-anniversary 2-piece Badge Set (2,860 yen)
・A magnet (1,100 yen)
・A Disney 100th-anniversary badge (1,650 yen)
・A decorative pillow (5,060 yen)
・A hoodie (9,350 yen)

What a haul! And what value! The hoodie alone almost accounts for the price of the bag, so this bag is leagues better than last year’s. Now Seiji, who isn’t normally a Disney fan, can live his life filled with more Disney magic.

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