Wowie zowie!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the latest 2-D Super Mario game, simultaneously recapturing the magic that wasn’t quite there in the Nintendo icon’s last few side-scrolling adventures while also bursting with innovative new ideas in level design and play mechanics. It’s tempting to say that no word describes Super Mario Wonder better than “wonderful,” but that would be kind of corny, and the truth is there’s arguably an equally apt single-word sum-up.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder introduces a brand-new power-up to the series, the Elephant Fruit. Grabbing it, quite logically, turns Mario into Elephant Mario, a plumber pachyderm permutation that increases his size and strength and lets him attack enemies and spray water from his trunk.

Though Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been out for almost three months now, Nintendo hasn’t released much in the way of related merch, with the lack of plushies representing the new power-up being the elephant not in fans’ rooms. That situation has finally been rectified, though, as Nintendo is now offering an Elephant Mario Plushie.

Realizing that most people’s real-world homes aren’t as expansive as the Flower Kingdom that Elephant Mario tramples through in-game, Nintendo has thoughtfully scaled down the plushie so that it can easily be incorporated into your home décor, but is still big enough that fellow fans will definitely notice its presence. The Elephant Mario plushie is 26 centimeters (10.2 inches) tall and, if this promotional image is any indication, it appears the Wii Fit Trainer lady may have already picked one up for herself.

Elephant Mario is priced at 3,300 yen (US$22.75) and is available at the Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto specialty store trio as well as through the My Nintendo Store online store here. It’s also worth noting that not just Mario, but also Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, and Toadette can also all change into elephant forms in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, so maybe we’ll see elephant plushies for them added to the lineup soon too.

Source: Nintendo via Twitter/@MarcusLai
Images: Nintendo
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