7-Eleven is ready to serve Nintendo fans Bowser-breath fried chicken and non-peach Princess Peach desserts.

This Thursday, we were supposed to be meeting Mario at the grand opening of Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World expansion. That’s been postponed indefinitely as a result of the coronavirus having not even the slightest shred of respect for Nintendo fans’ schedule, but Mario is still popping up elsewhere, like on Japan’s Super Mario train that’s running around Osaka and soon at 7-Eleven convenience stores across Japan.

7-Eleven is offering six new Super Mario-themed treats, starting with the Mario Mix Roll (183 yen [US$1.75]), a split roll stuffed with mushroom sauce spaghetti, a croquette, and egg salad. For sweeter stuff, there’s the Yoshi’s Green Melon Bread (151 yen), filled with melon whipped cream.

There’s also Princess Peach’s Dolce (324 yen), a cup of strawberry cheesecake and strawberry gelatin, and the Shining Star Milk Kanten (226 yen), a creamy agar dessert.

Or, if your cravings are of the spicy type, you can opt for the Fire Flower Fire Curry Bun (140 yen) and its tomato curry filling or Bowser’s Fire-Breathing Super Spicy Karaage Roll (354 yen), where both the fried chicken’s seasoning and sauce are extra hot.

Also, if you’re a Mario fan who finds yourself in 7-Eleven, you’ll want out check out the Ichibankuji prize lottery, where a 650-yen ticket gets you a chance at prizes including a Super Mario retrospective towel, glow-in-the-dark Boo soap dispenser, or Question Mark Block folding table.

The Ichibankuji lottery is going on now, and the Super Mario food line goes on sale February 5.

Sources: 7-Eleven via Entabe, @Press
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