Over 70 photos from the annual spring event.

Last weekend was cold and rainy in Tokyo, but in a happy coincidence, but that wasn’t a problem for us since we were headed into the Tokyo Big Sight convention center.

As it does every spring, Big Sight hosted the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. The event isn’t just a gathering of bike-related companies and industry groups, but also of their hard-working spokesmodels, who were out in force to welcome visitors, provide pamphlets, and pose for photos.

The show covers all the diverse aspects of the motorcycle industry, from off-roading to tarmac racing, casual cruisers to dedicated sports bikes. Manufacturer images also run the gamut, with some focusing on cutting-edge technology and other on their old-school appeal, and represent a number of countries from around the globe. Add in makers of helmets and specialized rider apparel, plus parts companies that supply both factories and at-home mechanics, and the result is an eclectic mix to the outfits worn by the show’s booth models to match each organization’s vibe.

▼ Tire maker Dunlop always has a rubber-like element to their outfits.

▼ Chain maker DID/Daido Kogyo is a sponsor/supplier for an Evangelion-themed racing team.

▼ Suspension maker Ohlin

▼ Tochigi Prefecture’s Mobility Resort Motegi race circuit had a DJ at their booth.

▼ Rider apparel maker Poi Designs

▼ Helmet maker Wins Japan


▼ With so many booths handing out pamphlets and catalogs, most visitors will end up with more than they can hold, but thankfully parts maker Kaedear was giving out bags to stuff everything into.

▼ Spark plug maker NGK

▼ Radiator maker Koyorad

▼ Shaft maker P.E.O.

▼ A few years back, Suzuki figured out how to make their company logo with your fingers, and now it’s their go-to pose.

▼ Rider apparel maker Hyod Products

▼ Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli

▼ Muffler maker Ixil

▼ Motorcycle riding is sometimes hard to do as a permanent hobby, which is why Bike Sensor specializes in online used bike sales.

▼ Motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield

▼ Triumph

▼ Miyagi Prefecture racing circuit Sportsland Sugo

▼ JAF (Japan Automobile Federation) is one of Japan’s major roadside assistance providers.

▼ Windscreen maker Acry-Point

▼ Rider apparel maker Flagship

▼ Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM, through their partnership with Red Bull, was providing cans of the energy drink to keep us on our feet.

▼ Brake maker Vesrah

▼ Harley Davidson

▼ Suspension parts maker YSS Japan

▼ Motorcycle magazine Moto Fellow

▼ Honda

▼ Parts maker NTB

▼ And last, oil company Liqui Molly

▼ Yes, mask use is down compared to the peak of the pandemic, but we’re right in the middle of Japanese hay fever season.

As always, a big thank you to everyone who took the time to pose for us!

Photos © SoraNews24
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