A car with your own face plastered on every inch of the body is the epitome of a “customized car.” How could they refuse?

People who take that first step in some endeavor are incredibly brave. The first person to try eating a puffer fish or the first person to try to harness the power of fire, our modern everyday lives are based on these great people who took that first step… and probably died as a result.

And we’re not too modest to tell you that we are among these great people. In fact, we’re probably better because we didn’t die. Our greatness can be seen here:

Yes, you guessed it. We are the first Japanese news oriented website to have created an itasha customized-car based on our middle-aged reporter, Mr. Sato.

Clearly we have a passion for vehicle customization. In fact, Mr. Sato himself is a regular at Japan’s premier customized auto show, Tokyo Auto Salon. Appearing as a spokesmodel for luxury clothing brand D.A.D., he has been a big part of the event for the past three years.

And despite that fact that he hasn’t written a single word about nor taken a single photo of any of the cars on display during those three years, Mr. Sato feels firmly entrenched in the custom car culture of Japan.

But why be there as just another pretty face, when Mr. Sato can attend as a car customizer himself?

As luck would have it, a chance has appeared. An open application has been posted online where anyone can have their custom car or motorcycle exhibited in the Up Garage corner of the Croooober booth at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 next January.

Entry was simple. We just had to upload a photo of the vehicle along with some basic information. For example, we had to register the Mr. Sato car by its proper name: Hakike ga Suru Hodo Kimoi Ossan (“Old Man So Gross You Feel Like Throwing Up”).

After that, just click submit and wait!

Entries will be accepted until 31 October and those chosen will be notified on 15 November. A company that chooses to use four consecutive Os in their name doesn’t seem adverse to risk-taking, so we stand a pretty good chance on this one.

However, if the results from our previous applications to be in a Yakuza game, join Guitar Wolf, dance in a music video with Tomomi Itano, and that other time to be in a Yakuza game are anything to go by, no one should be holding their breath.

Source: Tokyo Auto Salon 2018
Photos: SoraNews24
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