Put on this helmet and you’ll be yelling, “Can’t catch me meow!”

Cat ears can be found on a lot of things in Japan, and people still love it. You can pick up a pair of velvet cat ears for about a dollar at your local 100 yen store. There are entire stores dedicated to cat-related merchandise. And let’s not forget that cat ear headphones got plenty of attention when they came out. Now, there’s a little something for motorcycle (and cat) lovers.

This is the Neko-helmet, a motorcycle helmet produced in Russia that has–you guessed it–cat ears. It’s sleek, comfortable, and will definitely turn some heads when you’re wearing it on the road. Catwoman biker cosplay, anyone?


The Neko-helmet was created by Nitrinos, a company based in Russia. Sizes range from extra-small to large. In Japan, it’s available for pre-order in black, white, or yellow. According to the product’s English website, there are a number of other customization options available, including adding more colors and even etching an actual cat face onto the helmet.


Of course, this kind of purr-fection doesn’t come cheap. Reservations for the Neko-helmet opened in Japan on December 2, with prices starting at 69,800 yen (USD$612), but if you put in a request anytime after the end of December, that price jumps up to 84,800 yen (USD$743). They’re expected to ship out about two to three months following your reservation date. If there was ever a time to impulse buy, it would be now, cat lovers.


No matter the price, we’re sure there are at least a few die-hard cat fans in Japan that would do anything to get their paws on the Neko-helmet.

Sources: Fashionsnap, Nitrinos
Images: Fashionsnap