Green tea sweets to celebrate the fresh greenery of the season.

One of the great things about eating out at family-friendly restaurants in Japan is the limited-time fairs. These aren’t your ordinary fairs with tents and bunting, instead they’re a series of limited-edition menu items that conjure up the same sense of fun and excitement as attending an actual fair, and right now at Ikea in Japan they’re holding a Matcha Fair.

Timed to coincide with spring, when fresh greenery is seen, the Matcha Fair consists of five exclusive sweets, with each one displaying a delicious amount of green to capture the beauty of the season.

▼ First up, we have the Matcha Pancakes (790 yen [US$5.22])

The star of the show here is the rich, creamy sauce, made with a mixture of milky cream and matcha and slathered over a stack of thick pancakes with a side of whipped butter and adzuki red bean paste.

Matcha Afternoon Tea Set (590 yen)

This set lets you try three types of desserts: Matcha Mont Blanc, Matcha Gateau Chocolat, and Matcha Mizu Yokan, which Ikea recommends enjoying with tea or coffee from the drink bar.

Rich Matcha Tiramisu (490 yen)

A rich dessert with luxurious layers of whipped cream, matcha-flavoured sponge cake, and tiramisu cream, finished with a beautiful coating of matcha powder.

Smooth Matcha Pudding (290 yen)

This green tea pudding is paired with whipped cream and adzuki bean paste for an irresistible Japanese flavour.

Matcha Sundae with Gateau Chocolate (250 yen)

A hearty sundae made with Ikea’s plant-based soft serve ice cream and topped with a matcha gateau chocolat.

The Matcha Fair will be held at Ikea stores in Japan, excluding the Maebashi branch, and with only select items available in the Tokyo locations, from 21 March to 26 May. It’s not the first time Ikea has provided us with what they’re calling “a Japanese moment”, and given its popularity, it certainly won’t be their last, so we’re already saving our coins to spend at the Matcha Fair again next year!

Source, images: PR Times
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