Taste Japan’s esteemed matcha tradition in this new limited-edition collection.

Mister Donut is famous for being Japan’s most popular doughnut chain, and it’s easy to see why, when they come out with special collaborative releases featuring stars like Pikachu and Snoopy.

Now they’re getting ready to bring us another fantastic collaboration, and this time the star is one of the country’s most respected tea manufacturers, Gion Tusjiri, which was founded in the famous tea-producing region of Kyoto’s Uji City over 150 years ago.

While the green tea specialists have teamed up with Mister Donut for a limited time before, now their high-quality matcha is being used to create a new series of tastes and textures for the Japanese market.

▼ This year’s collection is based around the concept of “broadening the world of matcha”.

The five-piece range includes three chewy Pon de Ring varieties and two special danishes. The Pon de Double Uji Matcha (151 yen [US$1.35]), kneads Gion Tsujiri’s quality matcha into the dough of the doughnut itself and its beautiful green chocolate coating.

The Pon De Uji Matcha Adzuki (183 yen) also contains matcha in the doughnut dough, and in the whipped cream filling that sits atop the adzuki sweet bean jam inside. The doughnut is finished off with a dusting of kinako roasted soybean powder, creating a trio of very Japanese flavours that complement each other perfectly.

The Pon De Uji Matcha Mascarpone Cream (183 yen) comes with a rich mascarpone filling, Uji matcha chocolate coating and a chocolate crunch topping.

The Uji Matcha Tiramisu Danish (216 yen) puts Gion Tsujiri’s Uji matcha chocolate ship alongside a mascarpone cream filling and sandwiches it in between two flaky, buttery pastries.

And rounding off the collection is the Uji Matcha Adzuki Danish (216 yen), which features Uji Matcha chocolate cream wrapped around an adzuki jam centre.

The new Gion Tsujiri collaboration doughnuts will be on sale at Mister Donut branches around the country from 5 April until mid-June.

Source, images: PR Times
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