Created with the help of a 160-year-old green tea company from Kyoto.

Mister Donut is the country’s go-to retail chain for all things doughnut, with a respected reputation that’s given birth to collaborations with big names like Pokémon and French pattiserie chain Pierre Hermé.

Now, the doughnut chain is gearing up for spring with a new range and a new collaboration with Gion Tusjiri, a respected tea manufacturer founded 161 years ago in Uji, Kyoto, a region famous for green tea. This is the third time the two have joined forces for a range showcasing Gion Tusjiri’s highly sought-after matcha, but this will be their first to combine powdered green tea with sakura cherry blossoms.

The new “Blooming Matcha” series contains the following five doughnuts:

Warabimochi Sakura & Uji Matcha Whip (216 yen (US$1.99) takeout, 220 yen eat-in)

This pretty creation features a fluffy dough made with sakura, and comes filled with both matcha and sakura whipped creams and a plump, chewy warabimochi (bracken starch dumpling) in the centre.

▼ Warabimochi Sakura An & Uji Matcha Whip (216 yen takeout, 220 yen eat-in)

Sandwiched inside this pink doughnut, also made with a sakura-infused dough, is matcha whipped cream, warabimochi, and a cherry blossom bean paste.

▼ Sakura Mochitto Doughnut Uji Matcha Whip (194 yen takeout, 198 yen eat-in) 

“Mochitto”, which translates to “soft and springy”, describes the texture of mochi (pounded rice cakes). This beauty contains a filling of Uji matcha whipped cream and sakura-flavored mochi, topped off with white chocolate and sakura-coloured roasted mochi pieces.

▼ Sakura Mochitto Doughnut Sakura-an Style (194 yen takeout, 198 yen eat-in) 

This eye-catching offering contains a springy dough that’s said to taste like sakura mochi rice cakes, and comes finished with a white chocolate and cherry blossom glaze.

▼ Sakuramochi Doughnut Uji Matcha Choco (194 yen takeout, 198 yen eat-in) 

Rounding off the collection is this pink-white-green celebration, consisting of springy sakura mochi dough, an Uji matcha chocolate coating, white chocolate embellishment, and sakura-coloured roasted mochi pieces.

The beautiful limited-time range, which looks even better than Mister Donut’s first and second collaborations with Gion Tsujiri, will only be available in stores for a limited time, from 12 March to mid-April.

Source, images: PR Times
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