OMO5 Kyoto Gion by Hoshino Resorts partners with Kyoto cosmetics brand Yojiya for Fresh Beginnings in Kyoto Pretty Girl themed rooms.

Travelers to Japan’s ancient capital who enjoyed staying in one of Hoshino Resorts’ OMO5 Kyoto Gion themed hotel rooms this past summer can rejoice because the chain has once again partnered with famous Kyoto cosmetics maker Yojiya to offer a new spin on the “pretty girl” (in Japanese, “beppin,” an old-school expression used in Kyoto and central Japan dialects) theme, this time with wintery seasonal accents.

The Yojiya Pretty Girl Room Stay ~Fresh Beginnings in Kyoto~ will be available between December 22, 2023 through March 10, 2024, appropriately timed to coincide with celebrations to ring in the new year. The special plan features everything from seasonal decorations and traditional games to brand-new Yojiya cosmetic items and sweets–a perfect theme for your stay in the heart of Japan’s most famous geisha district.

Rooms designated for the plan are filled with auspicious items and decorations, including daruma dolls for good luck, plum blossoms and pine as traditional New Year’s decor, and hand-dyed noren curtains featuring Yojiya’s famous logo of a beautiful woman’s face in a mirror.

You can also enjoy some old-fashioned fun in your room by playing with different types of karuta (playing cards often brought out as a New Year’s pastime), theatrical hand drums, and a folding fan tossing game that’s been around since the classical Heian period (794-1185), when modern-day Kyoto was the capital of Japan and the arts flourished.

In your bathroom you’ll find facial care items from Yojiya’s brand-new Su-ha brand, whose main concept is simplicity and being hypoallergenic. You can customize your skincare routine in eight different ways depending on the status of your skin. A helpful chart is also provided to help you understand the products and combinations that would be best suited for your particular skin type.

Finally, elegant treats await you in the form of celebratory sweets by the beauty brand’s Yojiya Cafe. Enjoy bite-sized portions of matcha yokan [a thick, jelly-like confection in block form] with azuki beans, sweet mini omelets with kinako [roasted soy flour] cream and orange peel accents, and strawberry and raspberry an (sweet paste)-topped dango. Wash everything down with obukucha [a lucky tea prepared with the first water of the new year] and a high-quality gyokuro green tea.

All of the above features automatically come with the themed Pretty Girl room plan, but there’s one additional experience that guests can optionally book for free–an hour-long tour around the Gion district culminating at Yasaka Shrine, nicknamed the Beauty Shrine, which has special “beauty water” gushing from a well on its shrine grounds. Those who wish to reserve one of these tours must do so with hotel staff by 10 p.m. on the day prior to their intended outing.

Bookings for the Yojiya Pretty Girl Room Stay ~Fresh Beginnings in Kyoto~ can be made on the OMO5 Kyoto Gion by Hoshino Resorts official site. The cost of one room (which fits up to five people) per night begins at 32,000 yen (US$214).

Perhaps while you’re in town, you’ll also want to see if you can find one of Kyoto’s traditional lucky New Year’s crafts–a fukudama lucky ball–while you’re at it.

Source, images: PR Times
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