Emotes, stickers, and exclusive merch all part of the leadup to Final Fantasy XIV’s newest expansion.

They say you can’t fight on an empty stomach, and it’s safe to assume you can’t adventure on one either. So with the launch of Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail expansion now less than a month away, staying sustained is of utmost important for fans of Square-Enix’s smash-hit online RPG, and KFC Japan is happy to help them with that real-world gastronomic subquest.

This actually marks the second time for Final Fantasy XIV and KFC to team up, following their first partnership last fall. In addition to new videos and artwork of the gallant-looking FF XIV Colonel Sanders avatar, KFC Japan will be offering a special Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration Set.

Priced at 1,240 yen (US$8), the hearty meal includes a Japanese-style Chicken Katsu (Cutlet) Burger, one piece of Original Recipe fried chicken, and a small order of French fries. You also get your choice of medium-size soft drink to wash it down.

There’s also a digital side order, of sorts, as every Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration Set includes a code that can be redeemed within the game for an exclusive “Eat Fried Chicken” character emote.

▼ Note that the emote is strictly a visual flourish, and does not restore your character’s spiritual energy in the same way that eating fried chicken does in the real world.

While supplies last, the collaboration set will also come in a special box featuring Final Fantasy’s iconic Chocobo and Moogle mascot monsters, dressed up with KFC caps. Also part of the bundle while supplies last is a sticker with not only the Colonel, Chocobo, and Moogle, but also Namazu, Loporrit, and Fat Cat, three of the most popular Minion companion pets to be found in the game.

▼ The new collaboration set’s sticker, which is different from the one from last year’s promotion.

Finally, those who purchase the set can enter a lottery for a chance to win a Final Fantasy XIV/KFC mouse pad or long-sleeved T-shirt (100 of each will be given out)…

…and an extra lucky winner will receive a one-of-a-kind figure of Colonel Sanders and Chocobo exploring the realm by motorcycle.

The Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration Set will be available from June 10 to 30. It can only be purchased through KFC Japan’s KFC Net Order system, which seems like a bit of a hassle, but considering that Final Fantasy XIV is an online-only game, navigating the ordering app shouldn’t be too tough a task for fans.

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Source, images: PR Times
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