Zakumocchi Dogs give us three more reasons to eat donuts.

Japanese fast food chains don’t get much more straightforward in their naming than Mister Donut, which has long been Japan’s most successful donut provider. However, while the first image the word “donut” brings to mind is a ring-shaped sweet treat, in Japan it can also refer to a round piece of fried bread with a savory filling, and it’s this second donut definition that’s led to Mister Donut’s newest offerings.

Collectively, they’re called the Zakumocchi Dog lineup, with zaku meaning “crunchy” and mocchi “chewy,” as Mr. Donut promises a texture that’s got some crispness on the surface but transitions to a more pillowy softness within (the “Dog” part of the name just seems to be because they’re sort of oblong, like a hot dog).

Mister Donut is rolling out three varieties of Zakumocchi Dog, starting with the Zakumocchi Dog Curry. “Curry donuts” are already a staple of Japanese bakeries, but Mister Donut’s version sets itself apart by having an opening that gives you a peek at the curry filling, and for being topped with a slice of soft-boiled egg.

Next up is the Zakumocchi Dog Mexican Meat, which is inspired by chili con carne. The spicy filling contains ground beef, tomato, onion, and beans, and the Zakumocchi Dog is finished off with a swirl of cheddar cheese.

Finally, the Zakumocchi Dog Egg (or the Zakumocchi Dog, if you’re ordering it in Japanese) takes its cue from Japan’s distinctive egg salad sandwiches, and features a soft-boiled egg slice, just like the Zakumocchi Dog does.

All three types are identically priced at 308 yen (US$2) and available now. And remember, if you’re of the linguistic opinion that savory fried bread doesn’t count as a donut, that just means you can pair your Zakumocchi Dog Egg with one of Mister Donut’s sweet menu items without feeling any guilt for eating two donuts in one sitting.

Source: PR Times via Entabe
Top image: PR Times
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