Final Fantasy fans around the world share musical creations with Home de Chocobo challenge【Video】

Square Enix’s organizes stay-home salute to the lovable fantasy steed.

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Real-world Final Fantasy wedding plan reservations start in Japan, and it looks amazing【Photos】

Perfectly recreated bride’s dress, Moogle desserts, and wedding Chocobo are all part of the package.

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Japan’s Final Fantasy Christmas cakes are a holiday tradition we can totally get behind

Why settle for boring strawberry shortcake when Square Enix video game franchise’s Chocobo, Moogle, and Cactuar are ready and waiting in edible form?

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Chocobo and rider gallop up a Kazakhstan highway in fake but funny video 【Video】

Yes, yes, we know chocobo aren’t real, but let us dream!

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Toyota Chocobos?! Iconic Final Fantasy music used in new car ad 【Videos】

Following several years of building dependable, affordable, yet almost utterly soulless automobiles, Toyota is trying to get back to creating and market cars with a sense of joy and playfulness. After all, it’s a waste to treat driving as just going from Point A to Point B in the dullest way possible instead of the fun journey it has the potential to be.

That’s why in its newest commercial, Toyota is invoking the spirit of adventure with a fleet of yellow hybrids running about the countryside with the musical accompaniment of one of the most instantly recognizable pieces of Final Fantasy music ever composed.

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Chubby Chocobo plush is as round as he is adorable

The slim, sleek Chocobo that populate the Final Fantasy world may be much better for covering long distances and racing, but as far as cuddling goes, Fat Chocobo might take the cake.

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