Double desserts and spicy chicken too.

Simply by nature of being sold in Japan, you could say that all of the desserts available from McDonald’s Japan are “Asian sweets.” However, they’re not all double-capitalized “Asian Sweets,” as the chain is calling its new dessert lineup taking cues from southeast Asia, which is the part of the world Japan is usually referring to when it says “Asia.”

With the Asian Sweets making their debut on June 5, our calendar and stomach told us it was time to try a few of them out for ourselves, and so we sent our Japanese-language reporter Maro out to his local branch to pick up some taste-test subjects.

Starting things off is the new Banana Caramel Pie (200 yen [US$1.30]), starring the tropical fruit most suited for pie applications.

Opening the pie up revealed generous amounts of both banana and caramel fillings, and also freed an enticing sweet and fruity fragrance to float up and fill the room. There’s condensed milk and brown sugar in the mix too, so this isn’t one of those dainty desserts with just a touch of sweetness for you to nibble on as you sip your Lady Grey tea, but rather an unabashed appeal to your sweet tooth, and one that was as gooey and delicious as Maro had hoped it would be.

Having finished a piping hot dessert, Maro was now in the mood for a frozen one, so it was on to the McFlurry Annin Mango (320 yen).

“Annin” comes from annindofu, the Japanese name for almond tofu. The almond tofu-flavored ice cream is refreshing and tasty, and once Maro had given it a stir to mix in the mango sauce, his spoon didn’t stop moving again until he’d eaten the whole thing, including the crispy crushed corn snack pieces.

▼ Please note that SoraNews24 accepts no responsibility for any brain freezes that result from eating your McFlurry Annin Mango as quickly as Maro did.

Having chased a hot dessert with a cold one, Maro’s taste buds were happy, but also now ready for something different. “Give us something spicy!” they said, and having predicted such a turn of events, he’d also picked up an order of Spicy Chicken McNuggets (280 yen).

These were first introduced in 2018, but they’re not permanent menu items. They’re back for a limited time, though, and Maro found their fieriness pleasingly piquant.

▼ He opted for the mustard dipping sauce, but McDonald’s is also offering a Triple Spicy Sauce if you want more heat.

All in all, it was a great meal, with only one problem: Having finished all of his nuggets, Maro was now craving some sort of dessert again. Luckily for him, both the Asian Sweets line and the Spicy Chicken McNuggets are scheduled to be available until early July.

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