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Visiting the official One Piece Library Cafe【Photo Report】

Conveniently located in Tokyo Tower, the renewed Cafe Mugiwara is easily accessible, highly entertaining, and also provides free wifi for guests to catch up or plan out the next part of their journey.

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Enormous BETA right before your eyes?! Muv-Luv VR demo event report

A demo event was held on April 3 recreating the world of the visual novel Muv-Luv.

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Interview with Yoshiyuki Tomino, the creator of Gundam

The Tokyo International Film Festival (from hereon, TIFF) started on Oct. 22 and is being held for 10 days. This year’s anime feature is none other than Gundam. The show’s creator, Yoshiyuki Tomino, appeared at the talk show hosted as part of this special project and also found time in his busy schedule to give a combined interview to overseas media.

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