Blue Impulse’s cockpit version video gives us an intimate look inside an aerobatic plane 【Video】

See the Tokyo metropolis like you’ve never seen it before in this 360-degree rotatable video from the opening day of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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Tax donation program rewards people with exclusive seats to a spectacular aerial performance

You’re going to pay taxes anyway, so why not channel some of it into Saitama Prefecture and see a free stunt show?

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Japan’s Twitter users in love Air Self-Defense Force’s aerobatics team Blue Impulse

Regardless of how you feel about air travel, we sure you’ll admit that watching an aerobatics show by top pilots is nothing short of amazing. So, whether you get woozy standing on a stool or you love soaring in the sky, you won’t want to miss the photos  and videos from this week’s Blue Impulse show in Saitama!

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