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Costumes and casting for upcoming Madoka Magica stage adaptation divides fans

You can never please die-hard fans of an anime when it comes to making a live-action adaptation. 

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Love Live! fan gets kicked out of event for wearing mountain of anime merchandise

The character merchandise was made into what looks like enormous samurai armor, but event officials weren’t impressed.

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Man fed up with Love Live fans at subway station in China, pours water on them

The popular anime series Love Live has won itself diehard fans, both within Japan and throughout the world. You might remember the subway cars in Shanghai last year decorated with Love Live idols that literally brought fans to their knees. Well, Chinese fans are at it again, as the idols have made a reappearance on subway cars in the city of Chongqing.

One commuter, however, seemed to have had enough of the homage-paying fans as he rained his watery wrath down over their heads.

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