autonomous cars

GM, Cruise, and Honda aim to start self-driving taxi service in Tokyo by 2026

The future means no more awkward conversations with taxi drivers.

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University of Tokyo lecturer suggests giving cars big cartoon eyes will make them safer

The cars have eyes.

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Autonomous beverage and snack car now testing in Chiba City

It’s like some kind of vending mechanical robot or something!

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New self-driving buses testing across Japan let you pay with your face

No more worrying about having exact change, but more worrying about having plastic surgery.

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Nissan rolls closer to self-driving cars, but is the world ready?

Cars sure are great. They look cool, they go vroooom really loudly, and they can even get us around to different places much faster than just walking. But there are a few drawbacks, too, perhaps the chief of which is that they’re incredibly dangerous! Zipping around at high speeds reduces the amount of time we have to react to dangerous situations and this can turn even small mistakes into giant disasters.

Of course, that’s just a problem with everyone else, right? I mean, I know I’m a great driver–this wouldn’t be an issue without everyone else on the road. Fortunately, Nissan is working on just the thing to help keep me safe: autonomous cars!

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