Battle of Gods

Battle of Gods airs on TV — scenes from the movie anger Frieza, and he tweets to let us know!

The latest movie in the Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, which was released in Japan about a year ago, was aired on Japanese national TV for the first time over this past weekend. Judging from all the tweets and comments on the Japanese Internet, it appears many fans were waiting for the broadcast in anticipation, and to our delight, we were even treated to some scenes that weren’t included in the original theater-released version.

One special viewer, though, has attracted particular attention with one of his tweets, as the tweet seems to have come from none other than the main villain from one of the earlier Dragon Ball story arcs, the evil Frieza himself!

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Our Hero is Back! Goku Returns After 17 Years With a Huge Box Office Bang! 【Impressions】

Okay, I have to admit it feels just a tiny bit awkward for a woman my age to go see an anime film … but this is Dragon Ball! Ever since they announced that the first new Dragon Ball movie in 17 years was going to be released, I knew I would have to go see the movie. After all, when you’ve grown up reading or watching Dragon Ball, it’s hard not to be excited about seeing Goku and his brethren again after nearly two decades. So, I might as well do away with pretense and just go see the movie right? Well, go see the movie I did over the opening weekend, and so did more than 500,000 moviegoers across Japan as well. Read More