Survey shows most Japanese employees don’t like Western-style work socials

With December less than two weeks away, Japanese companies are beginning to make preparations for their annual bounenkai (end-of-year) and shinnenkai (New Year) parties. Even if they’re the kind of people who sometimes duck out on after-work drinks with the boss, most Japanese employees are painfully aware that skipping the biggest corporate celebrations of the year is tantamount to career suicide.

Because large-scale events usually require more space than your average drinking party, many Japanese companies have recently been moving away from typical sit-down enkai banquets and are holding more Western-style events where staff are encouraged to move around freely and interact over a few drinks.

But according to a recent survey, these Western-style work socials are overwhelmingly unpopular in Japan. Here are the top seven reasons why.

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This Chinese company’s year-end party game will turn you green with envy!

It’s customary for companies in Asia to hold year-end parties (bounenkai in Japan, weiya in Chinese-speaking countries), and these often reflect the state of the companies. In a good year, employees will be treated to lavish affairs complete with lotteries, extravagant performances and attractive prizes. However, one Chinese company stole the limelight this year with their ‘cash grabbing game’ that guarantees everyone a winner!

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