The true story behind the giant coffee mug/Starbucks’ refugee plan Internet meme

RocketNews24’s Mr. Sato went out for coffee, and somehow came back at the center of a political debate.

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Netizens threaten travel boycott over Iwate Prefecture’s upskirt pic thoughtcrime proposal

The northern prefecture of Iwate has Japanese netizens furious over a recent proposal by police there to criminalize pointing a cell phone towards someone if it is suspected the would be photographer is trying to get an upskirt pic.

Police say that they want to “expand” their approach to catching perverts sneaking naughty photos, but critics say this proposed legislation will turn any man with a cell phone into a potential criminal, regardless of whether their finger goes anywhere near the shutter button.

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Fail Dude at Anti-Japan Protests in China Invites Self-Destruction, Causes Global Ripples

Violent anti-Japan protests, triggered by the recent landing of activists from China on some disputed islands, are now being reported in various cities in China. Less dramatic than the trashing of Chinese-owned Japanese cars and vandalism of Chinese-staffed Japanese restaurants, there have been calls to boycott Japan-made goods, which makes this fellow below a bit of a curiosity.

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