McDonald’s new “Camembert Teritama” burger has hit Japan, so our writers offered up their cast-iron stomachs for a taste test!

It seems like McDonald’s Japan is always coming up with weird food in order to entice patrons to sample its delicious, salty fare. We’ve already dealt with chocolate fries and limp veggie burgers, among others, so what’s next?

Well, how about their new Teriyaki egg burger with blended Camembert cheese?

Long-serving RocketNews24 reporter Mr. Sato was first to sample the new product. Despite knowing better, he was still a little disappointed that the sloppy mess in his burger box didn’t really resemble the picture-perfect burger on the storefront sign.

▼ The first bite is with the eye, McDonald’s…

More than the presentation, however, Mr Sato was concerned about the taste of the new burger since, to his ears, Camembert cheese on a burger sounded a little gross. But perhaps he’d be pleasantly surprised? He took his first tentative nibble…

Rather than tasting of feet like he’d expected, the Camembert Teritama tasted overwhelmingly of… teriyaki sauce. In fact, Mr. Sato claims that the teriyaki taste was so overpowering that it was impossible to tell if there was any cheese on the burger at all.

He quickly chomped a regular, cheese-less Teriyaki Burger which he’d bought for “dessert” and the sake of comparison, and found that while both burgers tasted the same, the standard Teriyaki Burger was much less sloppy and had crisper lettuce than its new sibling as a result of the lack of camembert.

Since the Camembert Teritama burger costs 390 yen (US$3.40), Mr. Sato couldn’t help thinking that fast food lovers would be better off saving themselves 30 yen and buying the Teriyaki Burger, which costs 360 yen (US$3), instead.

▼ The others corroborated Mr. Sato’s claims that, despite the inclusion of Camembert, the new burger has no discernible cheese taste.

▼ “The cheese is a lie,” lamented fellow reporter P.K. Sanjun. Then again, we all know he’s more of a Burger King kind of guy…

You heard it here first, folks: McDonald’s Japan’s Camembert Teritama Burger is kind of a flop. Or perhaps a “slop” would be a more fitting description. What a shame—it sounded so tasty too…

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