What kind of otaku are you?

Fed up with the overly broad usage of the word ‘otaku’, one Japanese Twitterer decided to divide otaku up into six different categories with varying levels and types of obsession. From the humble fan to the god of nerds, where do you fit in?

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Chinese man collects 5,000 bras, decorates his house with them

Plenty of people collect things; anime figurines, model trains, coins, stamps, and the list goes on. It almost seems like human instinct to amass piles of similarly useless objects together. Some people have incredibly unique collections that reflect and combine their own personal interests. And then there are those odd collections that crop up that amaze you, not only for the sheer dedication of the collector to his or her passion, but for the fact that someone out there could actually be so crazy for that particular thing. Like bras. 

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Bus Button Lovers Get Off at Tokyu Hands During Golden Week

“Next stop, Shibuya Tokyu Hands!”

That’s what one might have expected to hear at the department store that hosted the quirky Tsugi Tomarimasu Bus Button Exhibit on May 3 and 4. A private collector put his collection of over 100 bus signal buttons on display for the Golden Week shopping crowds.

Anyone who has ever ridden a bus is familiar with the buttons you push to signal that you want to disembark, and we all have a relationship with these buttons. Aggressive people want to initiate action and get where they’re going. Passive people want someone to push the button and take care of their needs. Kids just want to be big enough to reach the buttons! Read More